Best Smelling Body Lotion For Men

If you think body lotion is just for women then you need to think again. Do you want your skin always looking clear and radiant? If you do, then you need to get the best smelling body lotion for men.

The great thing about scented body lotion is they do not have the same strong smell as cologne. This means you can do your daily routines smelling fresh, and also keep your skin moisturized.

Smelling Body Lotion For Men Reviews

Menscience Advanced Body Lotion Ultralight

Menscience Advanced Body Lotion Ultralight does not leave an oily or sticky feeling unlike other lotions. It is designed to be quick absorbing. It also has a lighter feel compared to other lotions.

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Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion has microparticles that get rid of dirt and debris while keeping the skin refreshed. It helps open the pores for a cleaner shave.

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Gold Bond Ultimate Hydrating Lotion

Gold Bond Ultimate Hydrating Lotion is ideal to be used on the hands and feet. It is fast absorbing and light. It also has a refreshing scent.

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Lubriderm Lotion for Men

Lubriderm Lotion for Men helps in keeping the skin smooth and moisturized for a long time. It has aloe to increase the elasticity and softness of the skin.

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Cedar and Citru Lotion

Cedar and Citru Lotion is ideal to be used after shaving. It has no harsh chemicals so the user’s skin is guaranteed to be safe. It has essential oils that add to its fragrance.

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Kyoku Body Lotion

Kyoku Body Lotion has essential oils that help in circulation. It has plant alkaloids that improve collagen production. It is ideal for reducing skin irritation.

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Vaseline Extra Strength Body and Face Lotion

Vaseline Extra Strength Body and Face Lotionprotects the skin for the whole day. It is quick absorbing. Its vital nutrients help in dealing with dry skin.

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Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb

Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb is a skin moisturizer specifically made for men. It has jojoba esthers that gets rid of dead skin cells. It also helps in stimulating and conditioning the body.

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Nivea for Men Maximum Hydration Lotion

Nivea for Men Maximum Hydration Lotion is ideal to be used during winter because of its moisturizing capabilities. It is fast absorbing. It helps in repairing damaged skin tissues.

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Clinique Skin Supplies M Lotion

Clinique Skin SuppliesM Lotion is a lightweight lotion that will not leave any residue on the user’s skin. It keeps the skin fresh and healthy. It also enhances the natural strength of the skin.

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How to Select a Body Lotion for Men?

There are various types of body lotion in the market for various purposes. Choosing the correct one will greatly improve skin health and keep it moisturized.

When choosing a body lotion, consider the season and the climate where you live. Note that different seasons also call for different types of body lotion.

You should also consider the ingredients in the lotion. If you have a goal or target skin condition that you want to improve, the correct ingredients will certainly be helpful.

If you have a prior skin problem, check the ingredients first. Some ingredients in body lotion may aggravate the problem. For those with sensitive skin, they need to avoid lotions with harsh alcohol ingredients.

Body lotions also come in different scents. Some have a more floral or fruity scent while others have stronger woodsy scent. Some body lotions do not have scents, so smelling them before purchasing is advisable.

Some body lotions may also have some specific use. For example, some have high SPF while others do not have SPF but can still moisturize the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Body Lotion for Men

Can’t I just use women’s lotion or unisex lotion? Men generally have tougher skin than women so using women’s lotion or unisex lotion may not be enough. Men’s body lotions are made specifically to moisturize their skin.

Can I use body lotion for my face? Although some body lotions are formulated for sensitive skin, it is not advisable to use them as facial moisturizers. Facial skin is more sensitive. Body lotions are also formulated differently from facial moisturizers.

When is the best time to apply body lotion? After baths or showers. According to studies, most skincare products are absorbed best when the skin is moist. However, for facial lotions, it is better to apply them when the face is clean and dry. 

How often should I apply body lotion? Apply body lotion at least once a day. For colder seasons, especially in the winter, apply it at least twice a day. You need to moisturize your skin more during the colder seasons.

Can I use body lotion if I have skin problems? Depending on the skin problem, it is generally better to apply body lotion. For example, sunburned skin will feel better once aloe body lotion is applied. However, check the ingredients before applying as some may worsen the problem.

Can I use body lotion for all skin types? Different body lotions have different effects on different skin types. Read the list of ingredients to know which body lotion is best for your skin type.

How to Apply Body Lotion for Men

Knowing which body lotion is good for your skin is half the battle. Slathering it on the skin may do the job but properly applying it will make it more effective.

Before applying body lotion, make sure that your skin is clean. Applying it on dirty skin may clog the pores and cause body acne or rashes.

If you will apply lotion after a shower, avoid completely drying your skin. Lotion will be absorbed faster and better when the skin is damp.  Pat your skin dry before the application.

Apply lotion in long strokes. This motion will simulate a massaging motion and promote healthy blood flow of the body. This can also help the skin absorb the lotion faster.

Reapply lotion as needed, especially during cold seasons. Dry skin may be flaky and itchy. Applying lotion when needed will help relieve this and prevent skin irritation.

Don’t miss the elbows, knees, and feet. Putting on socks after applying lotion is not a problem and may even moisturize your feet better. Consult with a physician if serious skin problems are present before applying lotion.

Care to Take When Using Body Lotion for Men

While body lotion has many advantages, there are still some precautions to remember when using them. Different types of body lotions also have different indications.

Body lotion is formulated for the body, not the face. Applying body lotion on the face may cause acne or skin irritation. Only use facial lotions for the face.

Some body lotions contain ingredients that stain the skin or clothes. Read the product’s ingredients carefully before purchasing a certain product.

Some body lotions contain alcohol or other ingredients that irritate the skin. For example, body lotion with alcohol should not be applied to sunburned skin. This will cause a stinging sensation and damage the skin.

While some have sunscreen, others also contain ingredients that make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Consult a pharmacist or physician if exposure to the sun hurts your skin after the application.

Be careful when using scented body lotions. There are chemical ingredients that may cause allergic reactions once you apply them on the skin. Read the product label to check if a body lotion contains ingredients that you are allergic to.

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