How to Shave Your Head

This is what I love the most: shaving my head. To be honest, I never wanted to learn how to shave my head first, but since I made mistakes when I decided to cut my own hair, it became inevitable that I learned the basics of how to shave your head for men.

Shaving your head is a fun thing and stress-relieving thing to do. And the chances of you having difficulties when learning how to shave your head are almost nil — I assure you.

Trimming Down

The first step is to trim down your hair as short as possible to make your hair easier to shave.At this part, you can go crazy.

As you go at it, you will have many opportunities on testing different hairstyles. You can treat it as an exercise on learning how to cut those styles yourself.

There is almost nothing to lose except your hair. On a different note, you can recycle the cut hair or you can donate it to cancer patients.

Use a pair of scissors to trim your hair. Start from the top to make it easy to cut and remove hair.

It is ideal to trim it down to stubble. Be sure to dampen your hair a bit using a spray bottleto make it easier to trim it using scissors.

Alternate Methods of Trimming

If you cannot manage to trim it down to stubble, you can use an electric razor to do it. An electric shaver can be an alternative, too.

Another alternative is to let a barber do the trimming. However, what will be the point of doing it yourself if you choose to go that route?

Shake down the cut hair and dandruff from your head after. You can use powder and a paddle brush to make the process easier.

Wetting Your Hair

You can take a hot shower after the trim to wet and soften your hair. Showering will remove the remaining hair and dandruff from your head and soften the stubbles.

Alternatively, you can splash your head with warm water for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. The water should not be boiling hot, and should be cooler than your regular cup of coffee.

Putting a warm damp/moist towel on your head works, too. Leave it on your head for 2 to 4 minutes.

The Shaver

You can use a regular razor or an electric shaver to get the job done. If you are going for a razor, make sure that it is flexible and has multiple blades.

When using a razor, it is important to get your head shaved with a few strokes to avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps. This is especially needed if this will be your first time to shave your own head.

On the other hand, if you are going for an electric shaver, I advise you to use a rotary shaver. It works well with contours.

However, rotaries, most of the time, do not provide a close shave. If you want to fix that, you will need to follow up with a razor.

The regular foil ones can get the job done, too. However, you will need to spend more time shaving the curved areas of your head.


Apply lubricant on your head and be sure to work it on your skin and hair. It is preferable to use shaving oil.

Shaving cream is a good substitute.But you must be cautious when shaving with it since it will block your view. Plus, it can be messy.

If you do not have any of the two, hair conditioner will work. Only use it if you really do not have a choice.

Start shaving from soft hair. Shave the stubborn parts last. Usually, they are located at the back of your head.

Be slow and make even strokes. Do not attempt to rush it. Shave towards the direction where your hair grows to avoid accidental nicks.

Once you are satisfied with the shave, do your aftershave routine. Also, immediately patch up the nicks to prevent ingrown hair.


Shaving your head is a simple task, but you must always practice caution to prevent cuts. If you like this article about how to shave your head for men, be sure to recommend it to your friends.

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