How to Trim Your Own Hair

Haircutting is a skill most men do not have, and it is unfortunate that this skill is something you need for you to become fashionable.Also, some women dig men who are capable of using scissors.

Aside from that, a perfect haircut only lasts after a few days. If you want to maintain your hairstyle and keep your mane healthy, you should know how to trim your own hair (for men).

Choosing Your Scissors

When cutting your own hair, forget about using the regular scissors that your barber uses. They are longer, and can be difficult to use when cutting your own hair.

For this job, you will need shorter scissors. Also, an electric shaver or razor can be used, but it is not important to have one.

Short scissors, like children’s scissors, cuticle scissors, or mustache scissors will do. And before you use them, make sure that they are sharp.

Aside from those, a pair of small thinning shears (the one with a comb/teeth blade) is needed. Primarily, you will use them forshaping, layering, and cutting small amounts of hair.

Prepping Your Hair

The first step in haircutting and trimming is making your hair damp. Towel-dried hair is always preferred.

If you do not want to take a shower, use a spray bottle with water instead. Be sure to spray a good amount of water first before you start cutting.

Make sure that your hair is not dripping wet. Water drops will only make the haircut messier.

Once your hair is damp, remove the tangles on it by using a paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb. If you have short hair, you can run your fingers on your hair instead.

Start combing from root to tips. If you have long hair, set a ponytail on your crown.

Make sure that theponytail is centered well on your head.After that, let it rest there and proceed on sectioning your hair.

Sectioning Your Hair

It is important to section your hair into four: left, right, top, and back. You can add more sections depending on the haircut that you want.

Use a fine-toothed comb when setting your hair. Use rubber or elastic bands to put them in place for a while.

Do this in front of the mirror. It will prevent you from making uneven partitions.

For greater accuracy, draw guiding lines on the mirror. A whiteboard marker, lipstick, or even tape can be used as markers.


If you are a complete first-timer, I suggest that you start using thinning shears. If you are right-handed, start with your left and vice versa.

Remove the elastic band from the section that you will work on. Also, tilt your head a bit for you to get better vision of the section that you will work on.

Slide a comb or your free hand on that section, and pull your hair away from your head gently.Use your middle and index finger to clamp the hair in place if you will not use a comb.

It is crucial that your comb or hand is parallel to your head. You can now start cutting.


Remember that you must position your scissors and cut perpendicularly to your hands or comb.Do not cut fast and aggressively to avoid getting nicked by your scissors’ pointed tips.

Start working from the bottom until you reach the top part of each section. Work alternately on both sides to achieve symmetry if the style you want callsfor such.

Start cutting small — remember that one big wrong cut can mess up your hairstyle and force you to want to shave your head.Also, do not cut your hair continuously — after a cut, stop.

Check your hair in the mirror. Try to see if you made a wrong cut — adjust as you go, little by little. Once you are done, straighten the edges by using a razor.


You will mistakes along the way, so prepare yourself for a barber or stylist visit during your first few attempts. If you have guy friends who wantto learn how to trim their hair, be sure to share this to them.

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